• The only whole-home systems that prevent and remove scale and buildup

  • Naturally soft water from the power of citrus

  • Superior soft water solutions for every home

NuvoH2O revolutionized the water softening market with its salt-free, eco-friendly water softening systems. NuvoH2O uses CitraCharge to soften water in two ways: binding with the hard minerals in the water, thus rendering them incapable of forming scale, and reducing pH.

Yes, studies show that NuvoH2O systems are effective at keeping scale from building up in your piping, appliances, and showers. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing your home is protected and you are not wasting water or electricity.

NuvoH2O does offer a solution for a moderate iron problem (<3ppm). However, not every NuvoH2O system is an effective means of iron filtration.

Our primary softening systems were developed specifically for municipal water systems (30 grains of hardness or less). However, when pairing our systems with the applicable filters, NuvoH2O systems soften well water.

Each system’s cartridge has a lifespan based on water usage ranging from 500-50,000 gallons of water.

The easiest way to tell if your system is working is by observing your faucets and water-based appliances. The system not only prevents, but also removes pre-existing scale. Initially, you’ll see the system at work 90 days after installation.

All NuvoH2O cartridges come fully equipped with our proprietary all-natural citric compound, which begins to dissolve upon contact with water. 

To keep your NuvoH2O system performing optimally, we recommend you replace the cartridge according to the specific system and your home’s indoor water use.

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