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Over time, plumbing issues and problems with appliances, fixtures and more can result in what is called Hard Water. The softness or hardness of your water is determined by how much calcium and magnesium it contains. The higher levels of these minerals means the "harder" the water and when your water has more sodium or salt in it, the "softer" your water is. 

Generally, you cannot visually tell the difference between hard and soft water. Hard water can be very damaging to your appliances, fixtures, your overall plumbing system and your bodies! Hard water can contribute to dry skin and hair, and even imbalances in your bodies minerals. Not to forget, breaks down your appliances quicker over time! 

This is why it is crucial too; 1. Test your water for its' level of hardness/softness, 2. Discover where the mineral imbalance is coming from, 3. Install water softener systems to ensure your water is of the highest quality and does not have additional minerals that can be harmful. 

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How do Water Softeners Work? 

Water Softeners from Bulldog Rooter are entire Residential and Commercial water filtration systems that remove hardness-causing minerals from water by using what's called ion exchange. 

See our Water Filtration Page and our main water softener and filtration system by NuVo.

Traditional water softeners consist of one or two tall and narrow tanks lined with sodium-charged plastic beads and a brine-holding tank. 

The mineral-lined tanks are the main filtration while the brine tank reconditions the filter tanks when the beads lose their filtering capacity. 

Over time, the tanks must be refilled with the sodium pellets to ensure water in your system is filtered properly. 

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More on Water Softener System Installation & Repair

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At Bulldog Rooter, we go the extra Mile to get you the Water Softener System Installation & Repair services you need! That is why we service both the Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho Communities like Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls and More! Check out the list of our Water Softener System Installation & Repair Service Areas Below! 

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