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At Bulldog Rooter, we go the extra mile to keep your plumbing system and fixtures functioning at full capacity. Not only can we fix, repair and replace any parts of your plumbing system, we also recommend additional products and services that can greatly improve the functionality of your system and reduce the maintenance required for upkeep. 

There are many different plumbing add-ons that you do not need for your home or office, but can make a huge difference in your upkeep, maintenance costs and ease of use. 

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Common Plumbing Add-Ons in Eastern WA and Northern ID

Below, we have listed some of the most common plumbing add-ons for your residential or commercial properties in the Eastern WA and Northern ID areas! 

Leak Detector 

Over time, leaks will develop in your plumbing system, especially if your system is older or the pipes haven't been replaced. If you catch the leaks early enough, you can save yourself in damages and repairs. But waiting until your water bill rises or there is visual evidence of a leak can be dangerous. 

At Bulldog Rooter, we provide leak detection add-ons that we install near fixtures and by your sump pump. The leak detectors will notify you directly (via your phone) if there is evidence of a leak in your system. 

Since our service community is in the Pacific Northwest, we also recommend to install Freeze Detectors as well. This can save you thousands on damages and repairs and give you peace of mind if you travel south for the winter time! 

Anti-Sweat Valve

During humid months and even hot showers, condensation can buildup inside the toilet tank. If the condensation level is high enough, the tank will begin to drip and create water puddles on your floor. Anti-Sweat Valves can stop water from getting into your floor and damaging the foundation of your property

An Anti-Sweat valve creates a mutual ground temperature between the humidity and the cold water within your plumbing lines, which reduces the amount of dew buildup. 

Ask our plumbing professionals about our Anti-Sweat Valves and if your property may be in need of one. 

Water Softeners

Have you ever noticed the white debris on your faucet or plumbing fixtures? This is actually calcium mineral deposit buildup from your plumbing system over time, caused by hard water. This mineral buildup can reduce your overall water pressure, cause pipe corrosion, and wreak havoc on your plumbing system and pipes. Hard water and calcium buildup can even shorten the lifespan on your plumbing fixtures like Sinks/Faucets and much more! 

Installing a Water Softener on your residential or commercial property's main water supply line will help mitigate the calcium buildup and improve the overall quality and filtration of your systems water.  

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Water Filtration System - Plumbing Add-On

Improve your tap water quality with a water filtration system (AKA reverse osmosis system) The water that comes from our taps has already been partially filtered, but with leaks/cracks and potential bursts, it is possible bad minerals or debris has entered your drinking water without you knowing. Installing a Water Filtration System under your sink will provide you another layer of safety when it comes to the water you consume. 

A Reverse Osmosis System filters out 99% of the most common contaminants found in your tap water (lead, chlorine, bacteria, copper, fluoride an iron) We can even provide tankless filtration systems to save you the extra space! 

Get in touch with our plumbing professionals to learn more about our Water Filtration Systems and how they can greatly improve your water quality and health! 

Garbage Disposal - Plumbing Add-On

A garbage disposal is a great add-on for your residential or commercial property, alternative to composting your own food scrapes or sending them to the landfill. A garbage disposal shreds your leftover food scrap down into tiny pieces to allow them to flow through your plumbing system. Disposals are great for keeping your plumbing system clean and unclogged, while providing ease of use when disposing of food. 

If you would like to learn more about our Garbage Disposal Services (installation, inspection and cleaning), check out our Garbage Disposal Page by clicking the button below. 

More on Plumbing Add-Ons & Upgrades

If you are looking for more info to improve your plumbing, see our Add-Ons and Upgrades Q & A or the Plumbing Add-On and Upgrade Blogs below! 

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At Bulldog Rooter, we go the extra Mile to get you plumbing system add-ons and upgrades to improve your home or office water system! That is why we service both the Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho Communities like Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls and More! Check out the list of our Plumbing Add-Ons and Upgrades Service Areas Below! 

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