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The most common issues in your plumbing systems throughout your home or commercial space is a clogged drain! Drains can become clogged by a number of different reasons (often hair, foreign objects in your pipes/drain, particles aren't broken down and more)

When your drains are clogged, this can cause many issues in your plumbing system (back flow issues, drainage problems, constant water pressure problems) and can even cause your appliances with a water line to malfunction. 

At Bulldog Rooter, our professional technicians provide you with multiple options to clean out and unclog your drains (click one for more information): 

Cable / Plumber's Snake Drain Cleaning 

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Drain cleaning often requires special equipment to properly unclog a stoppage that cannot be loosened with a simple plunger. One tool Bulldog Rooter uses to unclog drains is the cable drain cleaner or the “plumber’s snake.” This tool is a flexible auger of coiled metal wire. The plumber’s snake functions with a crank and rotates as it moves through the drain or sewer to break apart the clog. Depending on the clog, a hand auger, closet auger, drum auger, or electric auger can be used.

We can also utilize a Plumbers Snake with Video Pipe Inspection tools, to provide visual evidence of back-up before beginning the service. 

High Pressure Water Jet Drain Cleaning

(also known as hydro-jetting. click here to see more on our page)

High-pressure water jetting is another effective and safe technique that can be used to clean and unclog drains and sewer pipes. A water jetting device is designed to blast high-pressure water through a specialized, flexible hose to clear away drain blockages and any residue buildup. This technique is effective, economical, and environmentally friendly. 

Bulldog Rooter's certified plumbing technicians will utilize our video drain and pipe inspection equipment to determine which method of drain cleaning may be best for your system. 

It is very helpful when attempting to clean larger pipes as well, like Sewer Pipes. Click Here to view our Sewer Line Repair & Cleaning Page! 

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If you are looking for more info (HydroJetting and Cable/Snake Cleaning), see our Drain Cleaning Q & A or our Drain Cleaning Blogs below! 

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