Back Flow Testing and Prevention Services in Eastern WA and Northern ID

What is Back Flow? 

Back flow is essentially the reversed flow of water that is unwanted in the plumbing system. When a plumbing system filters water from the contaminants, these are usually sent for disposal. Back Flow causes the contaminated water to reverse flow back into the plumbing system and contaminate the filtered water as well. This can occur due to drops or sudden raises in water pressure and can cause various issues with your plumbing system and damages your pipes, appliances and fixtures. There are two typical types of back flow: 

Back Pressure - When the water pressure rapidly increases forcing water to flow in the opposite direction, and   

Back Siphonage - When the water pressure in the system decreases or become negative, allowing contaminants to be sucked into the water supply. 

How Bulldog Rooter tests for Back Flow

At Bulldog Rooter, we use state-of-the-art testing and diagnosing equipment to understand your plumbing system thoroughly and to identify areas of possible back flow and contaminant entry points. Equipment such as back flow testers (shown here) are tool kits that we use to identify the types of back flow you have, where in your system it may be occurring, and the current contaminant levels of your water.

Our trained technicians will hook up our back flow tester, diagnose your system and begin the back flow prevention process, as well as mitigate any damage that has already occurred in your system. 

Back Flow Prevention in Eastern WA & Northern ID

You can rarely tell when your system is having issues filtering your water until it is too late. Bulldog Rooter helps you mitigate this issue by installing a Back Flow Prevention Device into your plumbing system. These Devices can: 

  • Alert you when there are traces of contamination in the filtered water supply
  • Will automatically release contaminated drinking water instead of re-sending it back through your water supply. 
  • Keep your drinking water safe by preventing dirty water flow back 
  • Even provide reduced pressure back flow preventers and non-return valves
  • Work in any sized water system, Residential or Commercial Space! 

At Bulldog Rooter, we install, inspect and maintain your back flow preventers to guarantee your water supply stays healthy and safe for all your uses! We have certified Back Flow Testing Capabilities and Knowledge for all back flow services! 

Why Choose Bulldog Rooter for your Back Flow Testing and Prevention? 

The Bulldog Difference

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More on Back Flow Testing & Prevention

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At Bulldog Rooter, we go the extra Mile to get you the back flow services you need! That is why we service both the Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho Communities like Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls and More! Check out the list of our Back Flow Testing and Prevention Service Areas Below! 

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