Top 10 Benefits of Water Softeners

The benefits of water softeners are numerous. In fact, once you own one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! Water softeners not only add minerals back into your water, improving its taste and feel, but they also help remove contaminants from water that might be harmful to your health or that could result in costly repairs to your plumbing system and appliances.

If you’re thinking about investing in a water softener, this list of the top 10 benefits of water softeners will help you to make an informed decision on the right model for your home!

1) Save Money

If you have a water softener, you can save money by skipping bottled water. Not only is tap water cheaper than bottled, but it’s also better for you. In addition to protecting your health from chemical additives, filtered tap water will help reduce your impact on planet Earth by cutting down on waste and excessive packaging. 

2) Eliminate Limescale

A water softener removes minerals from your water, ensuring that you don’t have to deal with scaling on your dishes or pipes. No matter how you feel about hard water, there’s no getting around it—scaling is not only annoying but also harmful to your home appliances and fixtures. A water softener can help you eliminate scaling and ensure that nothing in your home has to suffer because of hard water. 

3) Reduce Chlorine Taste and Odor

Chlorine is added to water as a disinfectant, and it’s not easy on your body. It can aggravate asthma and cause skin irritation, among other issues. By installing a water softener, you’ll remove chlorine from your drinking water and enjoy better health overall. 

4) Healthier Skin and Hair

Hard water contains minerals that can stick to your skin and hair, making them feel rough and damaged. Over time, hard water’s minerals can leave permanent stains on sinks, tubs, clothes and dishes. A water softener reduces or eliminates these mineral deposits on your skin and hair as well as any permanent staining in your kitchen or bathroom. The result is much softer skin and hair that feels healthier overall.

5) Better Laundry Detergent Performance

A water softener is a machine that removes dissolved minerals from water. Dissolved minerals can leave soap scum and residue on your clothing, washing machine, and water heater, as well as clog plumbing fixtures and shower heads. 

6) Help Avoid Buildup in Shower Heads, Kettles, Coffee Pots, etc. 

A water softener does more than just soften your water. It also helps remove harmful hard minerals from your home’s water supply. If you want to keep your faucets and shower heads free from mineral buildup, installing a water softener is essential. Not only that, but if you have ever had to deal with a clogged shower head or kitchen sink, you’ll know how quickly these problems can escalate and become time-consuming to fix. 

7) Helps Preserve Appliances

Over time, hard water can cause problems with dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances. A water softener helps protect these items by preventing calcium and lime buildup. You’ll also notice your shower head doesn’t get clogged as easily once you start using a water softener—another benefit to keeping your appliances in great shape! 

8) Helps Prevent Soap Scum Buildup on Shower Doors, Faucets & Tubs

If you suffer from any hard water-related plumbing issues, investing in a water softener can help prevent soap scum buildup on shower doors, faucets & tubs. Unsightly residue left behind after bathing or washing your hands is unsanitary and unattractive – get rid of it with a water softener.

9) Won't Affect Dishwasher Cycles or Rinse Aids in Dishwasher

You might think that installing a water softener would affect how your dishwasher functions. It won’t, however, and you won’t have to worry about an increased amount of residue on your dishes or soaps becoming diluted and ineffective. Since water softeners work on their own cycle, they won’t affect any other appliance in your home, ensuring that you get optimal results from everything in your kitchen. 

10) Add to Swimming Pool Maintenance Program

The biggest benefit to using water softeners is that they clean, soften and purify your pool water. Without a water softener, you’ll have to regularly vacuum or chemically treat your pool to keep it crystal clear. With a water softener installed on your system, you’ll never need these additional treatments again! Soft water also means softer skin (and hair), reduced chlorine usage, less expensive chemicals and more!

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