What is NuvoH20 Water Filtration and how does it differ from other filtration systems?

With the amount of pollutants and contaminants in the water that we drink, it’s no wonder that up to half of us will become ill each year with conditions related to poor water quality. Whether you’re looking to purify your tap water or want something to take on the go with you, NuvoH20’s filtration systems are the best option available in today’s market.

If you want to know why NuvoH20 Water Filtration is better than other filtration systems, here are the three main reasons.  

What is NuvoH20 Water Filtration? 

What is Nuvo H2O Water Filtration? Well, to put it simply, Nuvo H2O Water Filtration removes more contaminants in drinking water than any other system on the market. That’s because we use Hydrophilic Hollow Fiber Membranes that perform much better than standard carbon block filters or low-cost hollow fiber membranes. 

3 Reasons that NuvoH20 Water Filtration is better than Other Filtration Systems? 

You won’t find a filtration system that performs better than NuvoH2O water filtration. This system provides top quality at an affordable price. The filter allows water to flow through freely, unlike traditional filters which can clog over time. In addition, it’s also incredibly easy to install, especially when compared to some of its competitors.

These are just a few of the features that make it stand out in comparison to other brands. If you want great tasting water without having to worry about long-term maintenance or replacement costs, then look no further than NuvoH2O!

Compare to Bottled Water

Bottled water has long been criticized for its environmental impacts, due to both production and disposal. Bottled water doesn’t have a high level of public trust, either. In fact, a national survey found that only 9% of respondents agreed that bottled water was safer than tap water. On top of all that, some bottles are made with BPA (bisphenol A), an industrial chemical known to have harmful effects on human health if ingested in large quantities. This can be avoided by using a filtration system for your home water supply. 

NuvoH2O has a strong commitment to protecting both people and planet: it’s easy on your wallet, easy on mother nature, and safe for humans when used as directed. You’ll find none of these benefits in bottled water or other conventional methods of water purification.

Compare to Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

ROs work by forcing water at high pressure through a membrane. The membrane blocks bacteria, sediment, chemicals, minerals and bad taste, but it also takes out desirable minerals that you need such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

By using a patented process to filter out only pollutants (instead of everything), NuvoH20’s counter-pressure technology allows you to keep these important nutrients in your water.


Compare to Carbon Filtration

The next thing people ask is whether Nuvo H2O water filter compares to carbon filtration. The answer is yes. Carbon filtration works really well at neutralizing chemical smells, tastes, and colors in your tap water but doesn’t do a great job of removing heavy metals or larger parasites like Cryptosporidium.

If you have municipal tap water that smells or tastes funky (like chlorine), a carbon-based filter will remove that smell. However, if your tap water contains larger parasites, nitrates, heavy metals, or high levels of lead , then a combination of carbon and reverse osmosis are needed to completely purify your tap water.

Compare to Air-to-Water Filters

Air-to-water filters are bulky, expensive, and can be easily contaminated. They also require professional installation by experienced plumbers. In contrast, NuvoH2O system requires no plumbing experience or special tools—you can set it up yourself in an hour or two.

The Conclusion on NuvoH20 Water Filtration

While there are numerous filters on the market that purport to improve your water, not all of them are created equal. As you can see, they vary widely in terms of quality, performance, efficiency, and affordability.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to filter your water at home or in a commercial setting, don’t go for anything less than NuvoH20.   

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