No One Likes A Cold Shower…

Spending money on things that aren’t pretty isn’t much fun, but neither is a cold shower. Maintaining, fixing or replacing a water heater is essential in the function of your home. Without a properly functioning water heater you can say good-bye to hot baths, clean dishes and so much more. A new water heater is a financial investment, so it is important to know when to make the purchase and what to look for in a new unit.

When to consider replacing your water heater:

  • Are you running out of water faster than before? This could be the result of thermostat issues, a broken heating element, or that your water heater is just too small for the demand. A professional can evaluate these problems to identify the culprit.
  • Is there water on the floor around the tank? A leaking tank can damage flooring and drywall leading to mold if it is not corrected and cleaned properly. A pressure release valve that has flipped due to excessive pressure can also cause leaking to occur.
  • Rust colored water? Rust colored water means either there is corrosion within the tank or the water supply is contaminated. You can check the color of water from a hose spigot to see if it is the same color. If water that hasn’t gone through the water heater is clear, then there is an issue within the tank.
  • Can you hear your tank? If you hear noises coming from the water heater, it may be the result of buildup within the tank that impacts its ability to function properly.
  • Has your gas or electric bill suddenly gone up? If your current tank is not energy efficient, you may be spending a lot more by continuing to use it instead of replacing it.

What to know about a new water heater:

  • Were you happy with the current water heater in your home – before it quit working? If so, read the label to find out the specifications and get something similar.
  • Capacity – Is the volume of the tank enough for your home? If you have added new plumbing or have increased the number of people in your home and you seem to be running out of hot water more frequently, you may need to increase the capacity of your tank.
  • Recovery rate – How fast can the tank produce more water? The faster the recovery rate, the more hot water can be used in a short amount of time, which is important if you have a lot of people showering around the same time each day.
  • Size – Will it fit in the current location or are you going to have to move it or remodel the area it resides?
  • Energy efficiency rating – Newer models are more efficient than older ones and can save you money in the long run. Look for a model that is “Energy Star Certified”. Some utility companies offer rebates for installing a new efficient water heater. Check with your local companies for more information.

It is better to replace the water heater before it stops working completely. With proper maintenance your water heater can last much longer than one that is ignored and neglected. Check out the manufacture date and the date of installation written on the tank. Most tanks should last at about 10-12 years when cared for regularly. If you need assistance evaluating your current tank or selecting and installing a new tank, contact a professional who will get the job done right, on time and on budget.

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