What to do if there’s no water in the house

We hope it won’t happen and if you’ve ever experienced it, you know it’s a gut-wrenching feeling… you turn the faucet… and nothing comes out. You try the kitchen faucet, the bathroom tub, and still nada. There’s no water running anywhere in the house. There are a few things you can do before calling us!

Look for visible signs of a big leak

Worst-case scenario is that you have a major leak somewhere. Don’t panic, but be quick to check all of the rooms in your house for signs of leaking. This has to be done in a hurry because water can cause extensive damage to your home in the event of a major leak. A water leak can ruin flooring and carpet, collapse ceilings, and more.

What should you do if you find a major leak somewhere? It’s very important that you shut off the plumbing that feeds it right away. This can be done by closing valves near the leak or if all else fails, shut down the main water line coming into your home.

Check the main water valve outside/check your electric water pump

If you found no visible signs of a major leak, the next step is to check the valve that controls the water supply coming into your home. You may have a valve inside your home that can turn off the water flow to your whole home, OR you might have to check outside for the public shutoff valve to your house.

If you have a well instead of public water supply, you need to check to make sure the electric pump that draws the water out of the ground is operating.

Consider the time of the year

Is it winter where you live or is the weather getting a little colder? Then you might just have a frozen water pipe. These will normally unfreeze themselves during the day as the temperatures warm up. If you have an exposed area of pump, you can try heating it up with a hairdryer. Try leaving your cabinets open under the sink and leave a small amount of water running to help prevent frozen pipes as well.

Call your local water company or go to their website

If a main municipal water pipe breaks, your water company will shut down that whole water line. This will effectively cut off your water until that water main break is repaired. You can call your water company to check and see if this is the case or go to their website and see if they have posted any known water outages on the site.

If you’ve checked everywhere in the house for a leak, inspected your water valves, it’s not too cold, and there isn’t a water outage in your area, then it’s time to give us a call! We are available 24/7, 365 for any of your plumbing emergencies. Gotta clog? Call the Dog! (509) 535-3447 for service in Washington, or (208) 649-9991 for Idaho.

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