8 Reasons Bathing in Soft Water is Better Than Hard Water

Soft water offers several key benefits over hard water, making it the better choice for bathing when you have the option. If you bathe regularly in soft water, there are several important health and beauty reasons to do so, as well as financial reasons. 

The following 8 reasons explain why bathing in soft water is better than hard water for your overall health and beauty. 

1) Soft Water Makes you Feel Nice and Clean

Taking a bath in soft water leaves you feeling squeaky clean, as if you just stepped out of a shower. Unlike hard water, which can leave soap scum and residue behind and require more scrubbing to remove, soft water feels silky smooth. That silky smoothness makes it much easier to get clean quickly with minimal work and effort. 

3) It Improves Skin Conditions

Whether you’re trying to improve eczema, psoriasis or any other kind of skin condition, soft water can help. In fact, a study by The Medical Journal of Australia revealed that bathing in hard water can cause dry skin and worsen existing conditions. So if you’re looking for a way to treat your dry skin problems while enjoying softer hair and smoother hands, it might be time to consider soft water. 

2) Soft Water Bathing allows you to use less soap

If you’re bathing with hard water, you may notice that you need to use more soap than normal to feel clean. That’s because hard water tends to form a crust around your skin that blocks soap from penetrating and washing away dirt. So if you bathe with soft water, you can get squeaky clean with less soap than ever before! 

4) Soft Water Bathing allows you to use less soap

When you bathe in soft water, it has a more gentle effect on your skin than hard water does. This means that you are less likely to experience excessive drying or potential skin breakouts caused by an acidic pH level. If you suffer from dry skin, using shower filters for hard water can help keep your skin moisturized and fresh-looking without stripping away its natural oils. 

5) Safe for you and the environment

The most immediate benefit of soft water bathing is its gentleness on your body. People with sensitive skin or allergies have reported fewer reactions when bathing and showering in soft water, likely because there are fewer chemicals present to irritate their bodies. This makes it particularly beneficial for children; those who suffer from eczema or dry skin find relief when they shower and bathe with soft water. In addition, you may not notice a difference right away, but hard water can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. 

7) Soft water bathing helps sensitive skin people

Some people have extremely sensitive skin, especially after a long day of swimming or bathing in hard water. Because soft water is less drying than hard water, it’s easier on sensitive skin. Taking a bath in soft water will help you keep your skin healthy and smooth with regular use. 

6) Soft water bathing improves your hair quality

We all know how hard water affects our hair, giving it an unpleasant odor and a lifeless look. When using soft water for showering and bathing, you’ll notice that your hair doesn’t feel as dry as before and that your curls come back to life. This is because hard water has high levels of mineral salts that dry out your hair, while soft water hydrates it by retaining moisture. 

8) Effectively removes surface dirt from hard-water areas

When you get out of a hard-water bath, your skin might feel stiff and itchy. Soft water, on the other hand, effectively removes surface dirt from hard-water areas like these and gives your skin an extra soft feel. Additionally, it offers great soap performance for both light and heavy duty cleaning jobs. It’s no wonder that many people prefer bathing in soft water over hard water; research suggests that even dishwashers work faster with soft water than they do with hard water. 

Soft Water Bathing - Conclusion

While there are many different benefits to bathing in soft water, our favorite one is that it leaves your skin and hair feeling super clean and rejuvenated. You can even skip your moisturizer or conditioner since hard water tends to strip out all of your natural oils from your hair and skin. Now you have no excuse not to give yourself a relaxing bath. If you don’t live near a hot spring, you can use an at-home salt scrub for extra softening power!

Hopefully, with these eight reasons on why bathing in soft water is better than hard water, we've managed to convince you. If not—well then just wait until you try it for yourself! We bet once you do, you won't want to go back. So step away from that shower head (or faucet) and try something new! And remember: Soft water is luxurious; use it every day!

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