10 Signs Your Water Filtration System is Not Working Properly

When was the last time you changed the water filter on your water filtration system? If you have any of these 10 signs your water filtration system is not working properly, now may be the time to change that filter and make sure your water filtration system is functioning as it should. 

1) Bad Taste

When your water has a bad taste, you know there’s something wrong. It may be nothing to worry about, but it could also be that your filter is clogged or broken. 

3) Low Pressure

If your water pressure seems lower than usual, it’s possible that your filtration system has stopped working properly. You can check to see if it’s clogged by taking off a shower head and submerging it in a bucket of water. If air bubbles surface, then your system needs cleaning or replacement. If no air bubbles appear, then you may need a new system altogether. 

5) Higher than Normal Water Bill

A higher than normal water bill indicates your water filtration system may not be working. If you notice a spike in your water bill, ask yourself if you’ve used more water than usual or if a family member has taken a bath or shower at an unusual time. This could indicate that there is a problem with your water filtration system and you need to call an expert to have it looked at. 

7) Scale buildup inside your home's pipes, fixtures and appliances

If you use a water filtration system that uses small amounts of chemicals to clean and treat your water, it's important to ensure that none of these substances are leaking into your home's pipes. Scale buildup—usually found in shower heads and faucets—can be an indicator that your water filtration system isn't working properly. 

9) Cloud water from shower/bathtub faucets or dishwasher

If your water is coming out cloudy, and you know you just ran a cycle on your dishwasher or it’s been less than 24 hours since you took a shower or had someone wash their hands in your sink, it could be that sediment has built up in your pipes. To fix cloudy water without calling a plumber, try using hot water first. If that doesn’t clear things up right away, repeat again with ice-cold water to really clear out any debris that might be blocking your pipes. 

2) Odor

If you smell a bad odor coming from your water, it’s likely that something’s gone wrong with your filtration system. While harmless odors aren’t necessarily a bad sign, if you smell sulfur or hydrogen sulfide, then there may be a problem with your filtering components. When mineral deposits build up in or around filters, they can cause quite an unpleasant stench. 

4) High Pressure

If your water pressure has dropped, and if you notice that your shower head doesn’t have a solid stream of water coming from it anymore, it could be a sign that your filtration system isn’t working properly. If you think this is an issue with your filtration system, turn off your house’s water supply, call in a plumber to find out what’s wrong, and get it fixed right away. You can never be too careful with water quality! 

6) Color Changes in the Water

Water should be a clear color, but if it’s turning yellow or brown, you may have a water filtration failure. If you see any color changes to your water from its original state, call your local plumber immediately. This can also mean that there are minerals in your pipes, which could lead to even more damage down the road. 

8) White powder substance on surfaces around your home

This could be a result of hard water, which means you’re also likely to see white streaks on your faucets and shower heads. This residue can also build up in your plumbing and appliances, causing them to run inefficiently. There are plenty of other causes for a white powdery substance around your home that have nothing to do with your water filtration system, so don’t assume that it’s always from an issue with your water supply. 

10) No hot water in certain areas of your home

If you only experience a lack of hot water in certain areas of your home, chances are there’s a problem with your water filtration system. When water heaters are clogged, they might be unable to produce enough pressure for hot water to reach certain areas of your home. The key to fixing a clogged or faulty water heater is identifying which parts are causing problems and replacing them.

Water Filtration System Problems - Conclusion

Over time, if your water filtration system is not working properly, this can lead to major health problems for you in the future, let alone the damage to your filtration system! Get in contact with the plumbing professionals at Bulldog Rooter today to get started on your new filtration system! 

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