Don’t Trash Your Disposal

The garbage disposal is a great tool in the kitchen, but like any appliance, if it is misused or neglected it can stop working properly. Here are some tips to keep your garbage disposal functioning for a long time.

Don’ts for the Disposal

  • Do not put everything down the kitchen sink! The garbage disposal is not designed to process all of the leftover food off your dishes. It is made to take care of the remaining scraps after you clean off the larger pieces into the trash.
  • Do not put hard food that is hard to grind in the disposal. Bones, pits, corn cobs or other hard foods can dull the blades and get lodged beneath the blades.
  • Do not put grease or oil into your disposal. It can solidify and gum up the system. If you do have grease or oil to put down the drain, use extremely hot water to and run it for a few minutes to clear out the pipes.
  • Avoid putting coffee grounds and other small particles down the sink, they can clog up the disposal by collecting in the moving parts.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning the garbage disposal.

Do’s for the Disposal

  •       Use plenty of cold water when you are running the system.
  •       Once you turn the disposal off, continue letting the cold water run for an additional 20 seconds to clear out any remaining debris.
  •       Reduce the foul odor of your disposal by running a few small slices of lemon or lime through the system.
  •       Using baking soda with vinegar and help to break down any buildup in the disposal.
  •       Running some ice cubes do your disposal can help you sharpen the blades and also clear any residue that is build up around the sides of the canister.
  •       If there is an issue with the disposal, you can try pressing the reset button on the bottom of the unit. If that does not restart your garbage disposal to proper function, call Bulldog Rooter.

If you’re having problems with your garbage disposal and you’re unable to fix them, call the professionals that you can trust.

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