7 Signs You Need to Replace Your Sump Pump

Anyone can tell you what the symptoms of a failing sump pump are, but how do you know when it’s actually time to replace your sump pump?  It’s essential to take care of your sump pump so that it can take care of you. If you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to get your sump pump checked out and possibly replaced by a pro.

1) Puddles Around Your Basement

There are a number of signs that your sump pump is no longer working effectively, including puddles in your basement and soft spots on your floor. If you’re noticing any of these symptoms, it may be time for sump pump replacement. In addition to water leaking into your basement or floor softening, you might notice that pumping has slowed down over time. 

3) Leak Pipe Connections

If your basement smells like sewage, there’s a good chance that you have a leaky pipe connection in your sump pump pit. Leaky pipe connections are usually caused by rust and corrosion, which can occur when any pipes or cables sit in water for too long.

Take a look at your sump pump pit and check for signs of corrosion, such as rust or wet spots. If you notice any water damage in your pit, inspect all of your pipe connections for signs of deterioration. Ideally, you’ll want them to be in perfect condition with no signs of rust or damage. If you do notice any wear and tear on pipes or cables, it’s time to replace them before they leak again.

5) Flooded Floors

Sooner or later, your sump pump is going to stop working and will leave you with water damage. There are several signs that you need a new sump pump. One of these is if you have standing water on your floors for more than 48 hours.

This may indicate a problem with your sump pump, and replacing it could be one of the best ways to deal with an ongoing flooded floor problem. Be aware that there are various types of sump pumps, and each type can produce different symptoms when it starts leaking or stops working altogether. 

7) A Leaking Reservoir in the Basement

One of the most common signs that you need a sump pump replacement is when your pump’s reservoir starts leaking. It’s typically held together with an O-ring, and it isn’t uncommon for these rings to leak during heavy rains or long winters. If it isn’t replaced immediately, you can wind up with water flooding your basement every time it rains! 

2) Water Coming Up Through the Floor

This is one of the classic signs that you need a new sump pump. Water on your floor can mean many things, but when it comes from your sump pump, it’s time for a replacement. 

4) Broken Sump Pump Parts

If you notice that your sump pump is not working as it should, and parts are broken or missing, there’s a good chance that you need to repair or replace it. Not only do broken parts mean a malfunctioning sump pump, but they can be a safety hazard as well.

If you have water filling your basement and hear loud clanging noises—be prepared for anything. Water will wear down any metal object until it no longer works, making that loud noise possible. If you hear these sounds from your sump pump—or just think it might be time for an upgrade—it’s worth your while to replace (or at least repair) it before anything serious happens!

6) Runaway Water Bill

A series of high water bills could mean that your sump pump needs maintenance or replacement. If you’re experiencing unexplained spikes in your monthly water bill, there are a few questions you should ask yourself: Has anything changed in my house or community? (For example, construction or nearby flooding can lead to higher-than-normal water usage.) Is something broken? (Your sump pump may need repair.)

Is it time for a new one? (You may need a new backup system.) If you’ve ruled out changes in your environment and equipment failure and have decided that you do need a new sump pump, prepare yourself. 

Signs to Replace Your Sump Pump Conclusion

When it comes to sump pump repair or replacement, there are several signs that you should look out for. Not only can a malfunctioning sump pump cause flooding inside your home, but it can also lead to serious damage. 

If you notice anything amiss when using your sump pump, it is important that you contact a professional as soon as possible. It could save you from costly repairs and prevent your home from sustaining additional damage in future.

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