Preventing Thanksgiving Plumbing Problems

If you didn’t know, a plumber’s busiest day of the year is the day after Thanksgiving! We don’t think we need to explain why… 😳 What we can talk about is how to prevent having a post-Thanksgiving blowout!

Whether it’s a clogged kitchen sink, broken garbage disposal, or a toilet that just won’t flush anymore, there are plenty of ways that your holiday get-together can result in a call to a plumber the next day.

  • Don’t put scraps down the sink

Your kitchen drain and garbage disposal should never be treated like a trash can. Bones, grease, flour, vegetable skins, and plate scraps should be scraped into the trash before dishware and utensils go into the sink. If you aren’t careful and let these things get rinsed down the drain, your pipes could become clogged and cause a bigger plumbing problem which could affect the whole house… not a great problem to have, especially with company over!

  • Be mindful of your garbage disposal 

Like the tips above, make sure you are mindful about what goes down your garbage disposal. An easy tip to help maintain your garbage disposal is to put a handful of ice down it once a month. The ice is hard enough to sharpen the blades of the shredder without harming them. The ground-up ice chips will also act as tiny scrubbers that scour hard-to-clean areas inside the disposal. For an extra clean tactic, freeze vinegar instead of using just plain water ice cubes.

If you have any residual odors coming from the disposal, you can grind lemon or orange rinds with running water to help freshen up.

  • Properly clean greasy cookware

It’s easy to just wash out your greasy cookware with some soapy hot water and ignore all the clumpy, solidified fats that make all our Thanksgiving foods oh-so-tasty. BUT if you take a second to wipe your skillet or pans out with a paper towel before getting them into the sink, you could save yourself money later by avoiding an emergency plumbing repair.

  • Turn up the water heater

Company and holidays mean looking your best! Whether you have house guests staying with you or are freshening up before the family gets there, you’ll need plenty of hot water for showers, preparing food, and washing dishes. Turning up your water heater temperature ensures that everyone will have enough hot water to get through the holiday.

  • Keep a trash can in every bathroom

Make sure that there is a trash can in every bathroom. This will help remove the temptation for guests to flush garbage down the toilet. If you have disposable wipes, even these should be thrown away and not flushed down the toilet.

Hopefully you have a plumbing problem-free holiday, but if you don’t, we’re here 24/7, 365, for no extra charge! Give us a call for all your plumbing problems! (509) 535-3447 for service in Washington, or (208) 649-9991 for Idaho.

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