Expert Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair Services

Are you interested in upgrading your residential or commercial plumbing fixtures with a new garbage disposal? Or is your disposal not working properly and you are in need of Garbage Disposal Repair? Get in touch with our garbage disposal professionals for all of your needs from installation, to repairs and troubleshooting! 

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Garbage Disposal Repair Services in Eastern WA and Northern ID

If your garbage disposal is having troubles breaking down excess food particles or appears to not drain properly, you may be in need of garbage disposal repair services. 

Over time, our garbage disposals can break down and not functioning efficiently from a variety of issues including but not limited to; 

  • Leaks caused by broken seals
  • Clogs or Jams from too much excess food particles
  • Foreign Objects in the Garbage Disposal
  • Broken or Dull Blades
  • Not Cleaning the Disposal Regularly
  • and more!

If you are having any problems with your garbage disposal functioning properly, or you are experiencing any of the issues above, get in touch with Bulldog Rooter today for professional garbage disposal repair services! 

Garbage Disposal Installation in Eastern WA and Northern ID

Our certified technicians are professionally trained to replace old garbage disposal systems, as well as install brand new garbage disposals. We will troubleshoot your current disposal for any problems or breaks to determine if you are in need of a new disposal. 

If you are curious if a garbage disposal is right for your home or office, check out the benefits of a garbage disposal below to learn more. 

Benefits of a Garbage Disposal

Saves you time disposing of kitchen waste

Less trash waste is thrown out

Disposals reduce kitchen odors

Fewer pipe leaks and breaks

Various features for unclogging, filters, etc. 

Maintenance Tips for your Disposal

Perform routine maintenance, cleaning and flushes

Always use plenty of water

Don't overfill the disposal

Run disposal regularly (less time to clog)

Only dispose of selective items (see more)

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More on Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

If you're looking for more info, see our Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair Q & A or our Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair Blogs below! 

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At Bulldog Rooter, we go the extra Mile to get you garbage disposal services you need! That is why we service both the Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho Communities like Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls and More! Check out the list of our Garbage Disposal Instal and Repair Service Areas Below! 

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