Low water pressure? This might be why…

We take our water pressure for granted. It doesn’t even cross our mind, because it just works… until it doesn’t.

Annoying, But Not Uncommon

Having low water pressure is actually a pretty common, annoying problem. Whether you find out while you’re taking a shower, trying to do the dishes, or washing your clothes, having no pressure causes problems. Worst case scenario, it could be a main water line break, BUT it’s more likely caused by one or more of the following underlying issues.

Clogged Drains

Low water pressure is often the result of a clogged drain. If your home has older pipes made from iron, rust can break free and become lodged in the pipes. Aerators, valves, and other areas along the pipeline become clogged, causing water to flow slowly.

Algae buildup is also a common problem. When a certain amount builds up in the pipes, it acts like fine sawdust which accumulates quickly causing clogs. Other possible reasons for clogged pipes include broken-off pieces of plastic from an old water heater and/or small pieces of plastic plug fixtures.

No matter the reason, if water pressure is low, this is the best and least expensive place to start. For instance, if pressure from a sink is low, the aerator can be removed to see if that helps. If it doesn’t, the shutoff valve needs to be closed so the faucet and/or pipes beneath the sink can be removed and checked for clogs.

Pressure Regulator

This is a bell-shaped device located below the hose connection usually located at the front of your property. If the regulator has gone bad or stopped working for any reason, water pressure will be affected. Although this might seem like an easy fix, replacing or repairing a regulator is a big task which we are more than willing to come do for you.

Water Leak

If water pipes become damaged, separated, or cracked, leaks happen. At first, a water leak may be little, but over time it will get worse. A little leak can definitely turn into a big problem causing you to see a substantial difference in your water pressure.

Mineral Deposits

One last thing that could cause your water pressure to change is a buildup of mineral deposits. More common in areas with hard water, minerals can build up in your pipes, faucets, and showerheads causing clogs and a dip in your water pressure. You can clean your faucets and showerheads with special cleaners to see if that helps and investing in a​Nuvo water softener won’t hurt either. We here at Bulldog Rooter are an authorized installer for Nuvo softeners.

At the end of the day, whether it comes down to a leaky pipe or a clogged drain, low water pressure is a nuisance that we would all like to avoid. If you’re dealing with low water pressure, give us a call at (509) 535-3447 for service in Washington, or (208) 649-9991 in Idaho.

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