Leaky shower? You may have a bad shower valve.

Do you hear that? That’s the annoying drip, drip, drip of your showerhead or shower faucet leaking… and it may be causing more issues than just driving you nuts.

A leaky shower faucet or showerhead can be both irritating and expensive. A constant leak can waste hundreds of gallons of water every week, not to mention the hike in your energy bill because of the hot water heater running constantly to warm up the water you aren’t even using.

Worst-case scenario: physical damage to your home caused by a leaking shower faucet or showerhead. Over time, the annoying dripping water running into your walls can cause dry rot, mold, and structural problems that can be really expensive to fix and hazardous to your health. P.S. If you have tile in your shower, the leaking water can get behind it and ruin your beautiful tile walling on top of the issues mentioned before. Yikes!

What causes the annoying drip?

Usually, when you have a leak in your shower hardware, there is an issue with the shower faucet valve. 90% of the time, it comes down to an inner seal being worn, water deposits have clogged parts, or the hardware has become corroded.

Advice to make the drip go away

When that drip just won’t go away, it’s normal to want to crank the handle even harder to force it to stop. Unfortunately, that actually makes the problem worse. By over-tightening the handle, you can actually damage the valve or inner pieces more than they already are. 

Best advice: Get your leak fixed by a professional. There are so many different types of shower faucet valves and trying to find out the correct process to fix yours can be a hassle. Bulldog Rooter can come in at any time to make sure that your leak gets fixed properly. Our crew knows the difference between the types of valves and may be able to prevent the worst-case scenarios we talked about earlier!

If you want to try and fix the drip yourself

If you decide you want to try and fix the leak yourself, it is important to place a rag or towel over the drain to avoid losing small pieces to the notorious drain pipe hole. Before opening your shower valve, find your main shut-off valve &  turn off the water supply. It is vital that you do this step before any hardware is removed so you don’t soak your entire bathroom along with yourself. After you’ve turned off your water, turn on the bathroom sink to drain any extra water that may have been in the surrounding pipes.

There are many types of shower faucet valves. The methods for fixing the leak will depend upon the type of shower valve you have and you’ll have to do research before trying to fix the leak to find out which specific valve type you have.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of researching and risk flooding your bathroom, Bulldog Rooter is only a call away! Call us today to come check out your leaky shower faucet at (509) 535-3447 for WA services or (208) 649-9991 for Idaho.

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