Leaky outdoor water spigot? It might be your fault!

*Psst…we won’t tell anyone that you did it, and we can fix it for you too!*

Is your outdoor water spigot leaking this season? You may be the culprit! Many people forget to unhook their hoses prior to winter and this is a major cause for leaky spigots. When you leave a hose connected over the winter, water freezes inside and causes some major problems for you in the spring. The real issue is that the water spigot can’t drain properly. With ice inside the spigot’s pipe, (the part behind your wall you can’t normally see) the pipe will fracture since there is nowhere else for water to go. The water pressure ends up being too much and sometimes this will even cause the pipe to burst, resulting in flooding inside your home

Since you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume that you haven’t had the pipe burst inside your walls, but you’re still dealing with the annoying leaking issue. You can replace it yourself, but sometimes it can be tricky due to the fact that most spigot pipes are made of weaker materials that will twist apart, often leaving chunks of the pipe hidden or buried in your wall. Bulldog Rooter can make it easy by coming to your home and replacing it for you, but if you’re still curious about how to fix it yourself, keep on reading.

Your average water spigot pipe comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 4” – 24”. It is vital that you replace your original spigot pipe with the exact same length and diameter pipe, and don’t hesitate to break out the plumber’s tape!

If the water spigot pipe isn’t the issue, you may have a leak directly from the spigot’s packing nut, which is right behind the handle. It is common for the packing nut to come loose, so this should be an easy fix… just tighten the nut!

If neither of these seem to be the issue and the spigot just keeps leaking, whether it’s turned on or not, you may need to replace the washer. To fix this, you need to TURN THE WATER OFF TO YOUR HOUSE FIRST, unscrew the packing nut as you unscrew the spigot, then extract the long stem and you’ll see the washer. Again, it is very important to replace the washer with the exact same size, so take it to the store with you for comparison if you’re buying a new one.

If this all seems a little too overwhelming and/or you don’t want to deal with the hassle, Bulldog Rooter is happy to come out and help! Give us a call today to have your leaky spigot, or any other plumbing needs, serviced today!

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