The Benefits of Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning  

You probably don’t think much about your drains until they become clogged and you are faced with the prospect of tearing up your floors, taking time off work, or calling in an expensive plumber. Instead of doing any of those things, you can use hydro jetting to unclog your drains and restore them to their original condition. Once you realize how much better drains can work when they aren’t clogged, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get them professionally cleaned!

Below are some of the many benefits that come from hydro jetting drain cleaning.


An important benefit to hydro jetting is that it’s faster than conventional drain cleaning. The reason for that is a lot of clogs are actually caused by hair and other organic matter. Since hydro jetting blasts out a powerful stream of water, your pipes can be cleared more quickly. You’ll spend less time dealing with your clogged drains and have more time for fun stuff! 


If you’re trying to get serious about cleaning, it’s time to think outside your (drain) box. Hydro jetting doesn’t use any chemicals or soap—just pressurized water—and is up to 2,000 times more effective than plungers in getting rid of tough clogs. In fact, hydro jetting can cut through grease and gunk almost instantly; one treatment can typically clear a drain faster than several chemical treatments with no ill effects on pipes or fixtures. In addition to being safer for both people and pipes, hydro jetting results in fewer backups; there are no caustic solutions involved so drains don’t erode as easily. 


The idea behind hydro jetting is that it can thoroughly clean clogs and residue out of pipes, which saves you time and money. After a few sessions with your local drain-cleaning company, your sewer lines should be completely clear—and you’ll be able to avoid future plumbing issues. 


Hydro jetting offers some distinct advantages over traditional drain cleaning methods, including lower costs and less damage to your home or business. It can even prevent clogs in drain lines by thoroughly rinsing them out. Hydro jetting is safer for both you and your environment, and can be implemented quickly to remove clogs and restore functionality to your drain lines as soon as possible. 

More Affordable 

Hydro jetting is one of those services that not many people are aware of, but it’s also one that offers a lot more bang for your buck than some other services. It’s been in use for years and has very little wear and tear associated with it. The process uses water under pressure to blast through clogs in your pipes and clean them out from inside. You get a great drain cleaning service at an affordable price. You really can’t beat that. 


Hydro jetting is eco-friendly because it uses water to clear out your clogs, preventing you from using harsh chemicals that could harm your septic system. Hydro jetters also use less water than traditional drain cleaning, saving you money on your water bill and helping protect our world’s resources. 

Doesn't Disrupt Sewer Pipes 

Hydro jetting doesn’t disrupt your sewer pipes like other methods do, meaning you don’t have to worry about waste water backing up into your home or damaging anything along its way. With hydro jetting, there’s little to no risk of anything going wrong during or after any work is done. You can rest easy knowing that everything has been handled with care and expertise. 

Hydro Jetting Benefits - Summary

Hydro jetting has many benefits. It’s a clean, non-toxic way to get rid of grime in even tightly packed pipes. Your plumbing can be renewed with minimal effort on your part and with hydro jetting you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals touching your hands or getting into drinking water supplies. There are also no harmful effects from using it on stainless steel or copper piping, so it's safe for use by plumbers and handymen who might not know about all types of piping. Hydro jetting is an effective tool for drain cleaning that everyone should know about!

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