7 Benefits of Cable Snake Drain Cleaning

Using cable snake drain cleaning to clear your drains is an excellent idea because it’s easy, relatively cheap, and removes all of the gunk from your pipes so you can continue to use them without having to worry about clogs and backup. Here are seven benefits of cable snake drain cleaning that you should know about before calling in professionals or taking on the job yourself. 

1) It’s Not as Bad as You Think


In most cases, a clog caused by a cable snake is relatively easy to fix. A cable snake uses an auger-like tool that rotates through your drain and can grab debris, pulling it out as you go. If you’re worried about removing a clog yourself, fear not—it’s easier than you think. 

2) Cable Snakes are Eco-Friendly 

A cable snake can help you save money by doing what a plumber would otherwise do. You can use it to avoid nasty drain clogs and other issues that could cause damage to your home’s plumbing system. Additionally, there are no harsh chemicals or toxic substances that are used during a cable snake drain cleaning, which makes it an eco-friendly way to unclog drains around your home. 

3) Saves you Time 

The primary benefit of using a cable snake to clear your drain is that it saves you time. This can be a crucial factor if you have an urgent problem that needs to be addressed right away, and usually doesn’t require any extra tools or devices. A cable snake is far less invasive than alternatives like plungers or snaking equipment, meaning there’s a lesser chance that you’ll damage your drains during cleaning. 

4) No Messy Chemicals Required 

This type of cable snake drain cleaning uses water pressure to clear drains, so there are no messy chemicals required. Although you may think that pouring a bottle of acid down your drain is easier than using a cable snake, it’s not always effective. Acid doesn’t work on all types of blockages, and can potentially cause other damage to your pipes or septic system. Plus, depending on your area code and local code requirements, using harsh chemicals in drains might not be allowed at all. 

5) Easy Installation 

Most cable snakes can be installed in minutes without any special tools. One person can install it, so you don’t have to call a plumber. All you need is a bucket, plunger, and a few feet of cable snake. 

6) Clog Free Pipes with cable snake 

Pipes get clogged up when they’re exposed to hair, grease, and other grime. When you remove a large buildup from your drains with cable snake drain cleaning, you prevent future clogs. Clog-free pipes are much easier to maintain than ones that have frequent backups—you can simply run water through it a few times each month instead of worrying about calling a plumber every time something gets stuck in your pipes. The best way to keep drains flowing is to use drain snakes regularly. 

7) They Look Good Too! 

One benefit that a lot of people do not know about cable snake drain cleaning is how easy it is to clean up after. It’s pretty obvious that if you work with a snake, you don’t have to worry about splashing dirty water onto your clothes or having dangerous chemicals on your hands. But cable snakes also come out in a very neat coil when they are pulled back out, which means there isn’t any excess to dispose of either. 

Cable Snake Benefits - Summary

When it comes to cleaning drains, drain cable snake systems are often preferred by contractors and homeowners alike. The benefits of using a cable snake drain cleaner system can include everything from cleaner drains to faster cleaning times, making a cable snake system ideal for anyone with a clogged drain or who wants to prevent future clogs. If you’re looking for an affordable way to unclog your drain and have tried DIY solutions that failed, then be sure not to overlook these seven benefits of using a cable snake drain-cleaning tool!

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