Slow Running Toilets?

Does it seem like your toilet is taking longer and longer to drain and refill the bowl? If the toilet is backing up the most likely culprit is an issue in the outgoing pipes that a professional may need to clear. You can trust the professionals at Bulldog Plumbing to get your toilet functioning properly again. If the slow drain and refill is the issue, here are some DIY tricks to try and fix it yourself.

#1 – Under the rim of the toilet there are a series of small holes that allow water to flow evenly around the bowl while filling it. If the holes clog up with mineral build up from the water the flow into the bowl with decrease. To clear the holes, use a small wire or hanger to clean out the buildup. Be careful not to scratch the porcelain. Scratches will cause the buildup to happen more rapidly.

#2 – At the base of the toilet where the water leaves the bowl the hole may be obstructed causing it to drain slowly. To check this location, start with a plunger. If nothing comes out or pushes through with the plunger, try pitting your finger into the hole to see if you can feel any foreign objects that maybe obstructing the flow of water.

#3 – One final way to increase flow is to try CLR, or a similar product, or white vinegar. Let the CLR or vinegar sit in the bowl overnight and then try cleaning out the holes along the rim again with a wire or hanger. It may take a couple treatments to fully clear the holes, but you should notice the difference immediately once the buildup is removed.

There are different issues that may causing slow running toilets. The first set of issues could be easily fixed by you, but others may require a professional plumber. If these techniques do not help to increase the water flow of your toilet call a professional plumbing company to evaluate and resolve the situation.

Bulldog Rooter’s plumbing contractors are able to fix all your plumbing and drain problems, including clogged sinks, toilets, showers, disposals, and other drain clogging issues. We also install water softening systems and water heaters and perform commercial jetting. If it’s fixing a frozen pipe, burst pipe or leaky faucet, from the moment you call, you become Bulldog Rooter’s first priority. Our expert plumbing contractors pride themselves on customer service. Bulldog Rooter is Spokane’s premier plumbing company.

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