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Water in the basement. Even the thought of it is scary, but if it happens in your home do you know what to do? To start with, finding the source of the water is the primary concern. Once the source is located, you can stop the leak and start finding solutions. Water in the basement is usually the result of either faulty plumbing or issues with the home’s foundation.

Faulty plumbing that can result in basement flooding may include, but is not limited to, broken or clogged pipes, sewer issues, or dripping faucets/spickets. Do your best to find the source of the water and turn it off. It could be the main water line into or out of the house, other times it may be a specific line or faucet, or even the sewer system. When the water in the basement is the result of faulty plumbing, the water can be clean water entering the home or dirty water leaving the home. Dirty water leaving the home or a back-up of the sewer system will leave a foul odor that may be detected before finding the water. The quantity of water is usually great and appears quickly. Evaluate the leak and determine if you are skilled enough to make the fix on your own or if you need to call a professional to ensure it is done correctly and to avoid it happening again.

Foundational issues could be water seeping in from outside of the home through cracks in the foundation, along exterior walls, or around windows. This water can accumulate slowly over time. It is usually clean water because it has filtered through the ground outside of the home and typically won’t have an odor. If this is the situation in your home, contact a weathering specialist that can waterproof your basement to stop additional water from entering the home.

Either way, the issues must be dealt with before more water accumulates in your home causing damage to anything it comes into contact with, including furniture, flooring, appliances and drywall. Standing water can attract bugs and improper abatement can lead to mold that can cause respiratory issues. It is very important to get the leak resolved quickly and properly. The clean-up after the leak repair may take additional time and money. It is wise to invest in a professional to get the problems fixed right the first time.

Bulldog Rooter’s plumbing contractors is able to fix all your plumbing and drain problems, including clogged sinks, toilets, showers, disposals, and other drain clogging issues. We also install water softening systems and water heaters and perform commercial jetting. If it’s fixing a frozen pipe, burst pipe or leaky faucet, from the moment you call, you become Bulldog Rooter’s first priority. Our expert plumbing contractors pride themselves on customer service. Bulldog Rooter is Spokane’s premier plumbing company.

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