The TOTO WASHLET is a highly advanced system in hygiene and comfort. Using a water cleansing system that leaves you fresh and rejuvenated, the WASHLET gives you full control over your lavatory experience.

When upgrading or remodeling your bathroom, the last thing you think about upgrading is your trusty toilet. Your standard toilet is made of white porcelain, has a tank with a few gallons of water, and comes with your stock toilet seat. Pretty typical. And since the lifespan of your average toilet is 15+ years, you don’t necessarily need to replace it… but what if we told you that you could install one thing to take your toilet to the next level. That’s where the TOTO WASHLET comes in!

The TOTO WASHLET is an electronic luxury bidet toilet seat that cleanses you with warm water to provide an exceptionally clean feeling at the press of a button. With multiple customizable amenities, the TOTO WASHLET transforms your average toilet into a throne fit for kings and queens!

  • User Customized Remote Control: From the temperature of the seat, water, and dryer to the wand preferences, you can customize your Washlet experience to your liking. There are even buttons on the remote to allow individual users to select their custom presets.
  • Self-Cleaning Wand: The self-cleaning wand gives you multiple customizable options as well. You can choose the rear or front spray, water pressure, spray width, pulsation, and oscillation to give you the best clean. 
  • Dryer/Deodorizer: After the cleaning sequence is complete, the TOTO WASHLET dryer gives you a truly hands-free cleaning experience by gently drying you off. Then, the deodorizer removes any residual lingering odors.

WASHLET  S300e key features:

  1. Automatic open/close lid
  2. Self-cleaning wand
  3. Front and back cleanse
  4. Adjustable wand position, water pressure, spray width, pulsation, and oscillation
  5. Adjustable temperature for seat, water, and dryer
  6. Dryer
  7. Deodorizer
  8. Self-cleaning pre and post bowl misting with EWater+ (electrolyzed water, 100% food grade, used in hospitals, kills bacteria)
  9. Programmable users
  10. Fully customizable remote
  11. Adjustable LED Lighting
  12. Energy saver option

If you’d like to get a TOTO WASHLET for your porcelain throne, Bulldog Rooter sells and installs them! Call us at (509) 535-3447, or email today to let us help take your toilet to the next level.

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